Golden Nuggets.

Young, Gifted, and Black 

“For the slaves, literacy was more than a symbol of freedom; it was freedom. It affirmed their humanity, their personhood. To be able to read and write was an instrisinc good, as well as mighty weapon in the slaves’ struggle for freedom.”

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

“Who is pure in heart? Only those who have surrendered their hearts completely to Jesus that he may reign in them alone. Only those whose hearts are undefined by their own Evelin – and by their own virtues too.”

“By calling us he has cut off from all immediacy with the things of this world. He wants to be the centre, through him alone all things shall come to pass.”

“Discipleship means adherence to Jesus Christ alone, and immediately.”

“Our activity must be visible, but never be done for the sake of making it visible…We are to hide it from ourselves. Our task is simply to keep on following, looking only to our Leader who goes on before, taking no notice of ourselves or of what we are doing.”

“The followers are a visible community; their discipleship visible in action which lifts them out the world – otherwise it would not be discipleship.”

Prayer by Richard Foster 

“In the ministry of power we take authority over whatever is opposed to our life in the kingdom of God. How do we do it? We do it by coming against all social evil and institutional injustice. We blow the trumpet against institutional structures that guarantee the poverty of the poor. We oppose unjust laws that demean and dehumanize those for whom Christ died. We work for laws of equity and justice. We give to the poor; we fed the hungry; we shelter the homeless. All these things and much more are the work of Authoriative Prayer. It is work that throughout is done in the spirit of deepest prayer and greatest humility, for we are trusting in the power of God, not our cleverness.”

“Prayer makes our love flow freely, both vertically and horizontally. As we pray, we are drawn into the love of God, which irrestibly leads us to our neighbor. When we try to love our neighbor, we discover our utter inability to do so, which irrestibly drives us back to God. And so we enter into that never-ending fellowship of love that gives Christian community its llife.”

“Do we really think we can experience integration of heart and mind and spirit with an erratic prayer life? Do we reall believe we can, like Moses “speak face to face” with God as someone would a friend by our unpredictable prayers? No, we develop intimacy by regular association.”

The Shack by W.M. Paul Young

“I don’t just want a piece of you and a piece of your life. Even if you were able, which you are not, to give me the biggest piece, that is not what I want. I want all of you and all of every part of your day” – Papa (God)

“…I don’t want to be first among a list of values;I want to be at the center of everything. When I live in you, then together we can live through everything that happens to you. Rather than the top of a pyramid, I want to be the center of a mobile, where everything in your life – your friends, family, occupation, thoughts activities – is connected to me but moves with the wind, in and out, and back and forth, in an incredible dance of being.” – Jesus

“A bird is not defined by being grounded but by his ability to fly. Remember this, humans are defined not by thier limitations, but by the intentions I have for them; not by what they seem to be, but everything it means to be created in [God’s] image.”

“Hierarchy imposes laws and rules and you end up missing the wonder of relationship that we intended for you.” (Papa, [God], in discussing relationships.)

“The darkness hides the true size of fears and lies and regrets. The truth is they are more shadow than reality, so they seem bigger in the dark. When the light shines into the places where they live inside you, you start to see them for what they are.”

“Don’t ever assume that my using something means I caused it or that I needed it to accomplish my purposes. That will only lead  you to false notions about me. Grace doesen’t depend on suffering to exist, but where there is suffering you find grace in many facets and colors.” – Papa, [God]

“Like I said, everything is about him. Creation and history are all about Jesus. He is the very center of our purpose, and in him we are now fully human, so our purpose and your destiny are forever linked.” – Papa [God]

“An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His chidlren. He does not distribute Himself that each may have a part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others. ” – A.W. Tozer

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

“In prayer, you are alone with a God who sees you only as you are and have always been since that beautiful moment when you placed faith in Him — hol, righteous, blameless.”

“Prayer does a complete end run around Satan’s pitiful accusations ushering us an eternal realm with God where ‘the past’ doesn’t even compute.”

“Impurity weakens your praying — which in turn weakens your power. When our lives are not aligned with the teaching of Scripture and the transforming work of God’s Spirit — when we’re resisting His wise, loving instruction concerning our lifestyle and attitudes– our prayer closests start to feel like soundproof rooms.”

“Prayer is the difference maker. An invitation for honesty, yes, for telling him how you feel — infused with the assurance and fearless confidence that comes God’s promises.”

“Prayer is what greases the friction between us, lubricants aroud the grit and flecks of irritability that work themselves into the system, preventing the normal wear and tear of life from causing us to grate against or rub on one another. Instead we maintain our fluid motions, our synchronized interconnections. Prayer helps us stay focused on bigger things.”