About Me

Hey there! I’m JoDeanne, a 20-something year old resident of New England, who loves to point back to her Jamaican roots. I struggle, and honestly find it weird, to describe myself. *shrug* But, here it goes.

My peaceful moments typically include reading and writing but, I find boatloads of joy and calm in coloring books, sudoku, and word searches. A comfy couch would be the cherry on top!

I like to sing, but in the background…no front and center for me.

I love to travel – especially, the food portion of traveling. I find it exciting to try new foods. So, to be honest, I might travel just to eat (lol). Pray for me.

Most importantly, I’m a Christian! I gave my life to Christ at a very young age and was baptized on April 9, 2005. Yet, every year is a journey! A journey that I pray never ends. College is often praised as some of the best years of your life and honestly, the saying rings true for my faith. Though there were definite moments of difficulty, I have learned the importance of the Gospel, recognized the importance as well as benefited from true community, and grown in my intimacy with God. However, I have a far way to go.

I’m a Black Feminist and womanist. There are parts in each that I identify strongly with, and thus I have chosen to use both. Although people throughout time have argued against the intersection of feminism and Protestantism (or even Christianity as a whole), I strongly believe that the two are reconcilable. I’m actually writing a thesis about that right now ;). Prayers.

With that said, I also strongly believe in racial justice as well as racial reconciliation. At times, it seems like the fight is a secular fight but…nope. I deny that and all arguments, which would support that. Throughout scripture, we consistently see God as God of the Oppressed. Furthermore, Christ is consistently sitting with and speaking to those who have been marginalized, rejected, and seen as the inferior minority. As a disciple of Christ, I want to be fighting for the rights of the oppressed as well. I’m a strong advocate of Black Lives Matter: imago dei.

I will be graduating this year with a degree in Psychology as well as Sexuality, Women, and Gender Studies. However, I’d like to continue my studies to get a Master’s degree in Social Work and Divinity. I really enjoy ministry! I definitely feel called to minister to young adults as well women. (Currently, my ministry predominantly revolves around Black students.) I long to empower others by sharing and teaching the Gospel, thereby revealing the deep love of Christ for them. He loves YOU, God gave His ONLY son – His perfect son, for you! No matter who you are or what you have done or what the world has labeled you as Christ loves you and died for you. Isn’t that amazing!

I’m praying that God will somehow use my inadequate words to bless you! It’s my first time blogging or regularly publicly writing, so be patient with me. Although this page has a focus on increasing the visibility, empowerment, and scriptural teaching to Black women, I’m praying that it will be a blessing to all. It is definitely not ONLY for Black women.

Please, please, feel free to contact me (with questions, prayer requests, comments, testimonies) and more: jofrancis24@gmail.com.




*Photo taken by: David Ruth.

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